Green Talks

Gardening for Wildlife & Biodiversity

26th April 2023

Our back gardens can be an ecological haven but there is an increasing awareness of the importance of them as refuges for biodiversity.

Paul will talk about why and how we can garden for wildlife and the choices and possible different ways of getting what the gardener wants.  It will cover topics including wildflower meadows, ponds, and how to enhance your garden for wildlife and still have a beautiful display of flowers.

Lighting Biodiversity & Health

22nd March 2023

Hosted by Steve Tonkin FRAS

Badly implemented artificial light at night (ALAN) has been flagged up as an environmental pollutant for more than 40 years, yet little has been done to control it. This socially-accepted pollutant has caused the disappearance of our starry skies, but this is merely the easily-visible tip of a whole iceberg of harm. Every year, billions of birds and insects die as a direct consequence of ALAN, and we now know that it is implicated in several human health conditions. The remedies are known, are available, and are simple and cost-effective to implement; all we lack is the will to do so.

Steve Tonkin is the Dark Skies Adviser to the Cranborne Chase International Dark Sky Reserve. He has been advocating for responsible outdoor lighting for more than 30 years.

To explore the topics discussed in the talk, use this link: