About us

Fordingbridge Greener Living began life as a small Facebook group made up of people responding to our climate emergency. Initially the group posted ideas for ways that individuals could personally reduce their carbon footprint. As the group gained momentum we began to think about more tangible ways that we could help Fordingbridge become 'greener' and become a more environmentally sustainable town.

We held our first meeting in May 2019 and we now have a variety of projects up and running and others in the pipeline.

This website is designed to be a resource to help residents of Fordingbridge.

Current Projects:

  • Community Recycling Shed
  • Clothes exchanges
  • Community Fridge
  • Tree Planting Projects
  • Ridan Community Composter

2022 Projects:

  • Community Garden
  • Community Orchard
  • Plastic Recycling for brick making
  • Repair Cafe
  • Greener Talks
  • Parish Nature Recovery Plan

Timeline of Events

  • 1

    November 2018

    Wendy starts a Facebook group called Fordingbridge Greener Living to enable local people to share ideas on recycling and other sustainability ideas in the community.

  • 2

    November 2018

    Wendy Reid has an idea that we could recycle crisp packets using the Terracyle scheme.

  • 3

    February-May 2019

    A core group of people begin to chat about projects to reduce the town’s carbon footprint. A committee is formed.

  • 4

    June 2019

    Our constitution is written

  • 5

    August 2019

    A public meeting is held to share ideas with other people in the community

  • 6

    August 2019

    Our website is launched

  • 7

    September 2019

    A collaborative tree planting day with Forestry England at Sloden Enclosure. Local schools and members of the community attend.

  • 8

    September 2019

    After lobbying the district council we receive our Tetrapak recycling point

  • 9

    November 2019

    Our community recycling shed opens at the side of St.Mary’s Church Hall.

  • 10

    January 2020

    Our community fridge opens. A collaboration between Fordingbridge Greener Living, The Coop and Fordingbridge Library.

  • 11

    February 2020

    A collaborative tree planting day with Forestry England at Sloden Enclosure. Local schools and members of the community attend.

  • 12

    March 2020

    Covid closes the library for lockdown so we begin a wonderful relationship with The Branch (New Life Community Church) and the shed finds a new temporary home! We work together to get grants and donations and we buy food to help those in need during these tough times.

  • 13

    August 2020

    The fridge returns it its original home and purpose.

  • 14

    September 2020

    Our first AGM

  • 15

    November 2020

    We take delivery of 450 young trees donated by The Woodland Trust. We heel them in at St. Giles Farm Godshill who kindly let us use a little bit of growing space.

  • 16

    January 2021

    We are successful in our bid for just under £5000 from the Waste Prevention Community Grant Fund to buy a community hot composter. We decided on the Ridan Composter

  • 17

    February 2021

    We created a tiny forest at land on the corner of Whitsbury Road by planting 100 saplings.

  • 18

    May 2021

    The Ridan Rangers team is formed. A working party takes place to prepare the space for the Ridan composter.

  • 119

    June 2021

    The Ridan Composter arrives and we begin training the community compost club members.

  • 20

    July 2021

    We begin plans to create a community garden.