Low Waste Shopping


Coming very soon to Fordingbridge.

At Green Gram our goal will be to provide affordable plastic-free groceries. We will offer a wide range of wholefoods, loose leaf teas and whole bean coffees, eco-friendly detergents and toiletries, as well as a selection of household products.

Everything will be supplied without single use plastic packaging and you can buy as much or as little as you need! We will encourage our customers to bring their own containers to refill, but we always have a selection of donated jars and bottles available, as well as paper bags.

Our detergents are supplied by SESI, an Oxford-based social enterprise with a fully circular supply system, meaning they take back empty containers to refill. Their products are vegan, biodegradable and great for those with sensitive skin.

We have several locally produced lines in stock- beeswax wraps, locally roasted coffee beans, rapeseed oil from Cranborne Chase, soap from the New Forest.

Foods include pasta; rice; couscous; quinoa; oats; muesli; nuts; dried fruits; seeds; herbs & spices; lentils & pulses, rapeseed oil. Beverages include loose leaf breakfast tea, decaf tea & redbush tea; several wholebean coffees including a decaf option.

Detergents include laundry liquid; fabric conditioner; washing up liquid; toilet cleaner; bicarb & white vinegar; all-purpose cleaner; cream cleaner; glass & window cleaner.

Toiletries include liquid hand soap; soap, shampoo and conditioner bars; toothpaste tablets & toothbrushes; deodorant powder.

Household items include washing up brushes & pan scrubbers; toilet brushes & toilet roll; bamboo baby spoons & kids’ cutlery; beeswax wraps; cotton buds.

Plastic Free Mobile Shopping

We are a plastic-free mobile business and all of our products are locally sourced to support independent businesses and reduce the footprint of deliveries, only choosing brands that offer a circular economy.

We will be at the dentist’s car park in Fordingbridge every Wednesday between 6 – 7pm offering:

– Dishwasher powder detergent

– White vinegar for cleaning

– Rinse aid for dishwashers

– Non-bio laundry liquid

– Washing-up liquid

– Surface cleaner

– Glass cleaner

– Toilet cleaner

– Hand soap

– Shampoo & conditioner

– Extra virgin rapeseed oil

– Chilli oil

Alderbridge Artisans: 55 High Street Fordingbridge. www.alderbridgeartisans.com

The shop on a whole is filled with many hand-made creations from local artisans.Nothing is ‘mass produced’ in a factory from over seas. All items in the shop are created with passion and love by artisans from the local area.Where we can we wrap items up in tissue paper and present them in paper bags. Occasionally we need to use bubble wrap, which has been reclaimed and reused, to protect delicate items.

Bees Wax wraps- various sizes all with organic cotton backing. After use these will fully bio-grade on your compost

Reusable/ washable make-up remover pads. 

Reusable/ washable Baby ‘burp’ cloths

Reusable/ washable Baby dribble bibs

Reusable/ washable Glass Cleaner

Fabric Note book covers

Refillable tissue packs and boxes

Coming in the new year: Re-usable bamboo cutlery in a fabric pouch,re-usable/ washable kitchen towel (made with patterned fabric and toweling), washable snack bags and more.

71 a High Street, Fordingbridge

Here at The Gourmet Grocer we do our upmost to cut down on plastic and packaging in general. We pre-order naked cumbers and only have plastic wrapped cucumber when the seasons change and the plastic wrapped supplier is our only alternative.

We take back our egg boxes to be recycled by Fluffetts; our egg supplier. We have milk and orange juice in glass bottles, all of which can be returned to us for recycling. We sell flavoured sterilised milk (milkshake) in glass bottles. We have Watercress loose in a box that can be bought by the bunch rather than a PP bags.

We are trialling Sugar Snap peas loose rather than in packing and hope to do the same with Green Beans. Our crisp supplier is now Two Farmers which come in compostable sharing packs. Our Coffee is now a local supplier and is also compostable.

We only use brown bags for our fruit, veg and bread. All our fruit and veg are loose and bought by weight or quantity rather than PP bags. Our carrier bags are biodegradable and overall we try to limit any packaging because we all have a responsibility to change the way we shop.

Price’s Butchers – High Street Fordingbridge

Price’s butchers are happy for you to bring in your own containers for filling. They also sell butter wrapped in paper, rather than foil.

5 Star Lane, Ringwood

Timber is a shop that has been Green for 20 years. We have always used Green Energy, never had plastic bags and have been zero waste as much as possible, storing and saving bubble wrap and all other reusable waste and giving it to other businesses to reuse. We have also been refilling for 20 years too!

We have a vast range of Eco products and services.

1 Eco refills Household Ecover/Ecoleaf

We refill Ecover and Ecoleaf household products. You can also purchase larger containers of household products, for instance toilet cleaner in 5L.

2 Eco refills Personal   Faith in Nature/Ecover

We refill mainly Faith in Nature shampoo, conditioner, body wash and hand wash.

3 Eco refills Organic Dry Foods – bring your containers

We are extending our range in January.

4 Organic Dry food in biodegradable packaging

Fruit, nuts seeds and grains ready to go, plastic free!

5 Eco personal products

Shampoo bars and conditioners, cubes and powders. Ears buds in cardboard box, deodorant in cardboard box, toothpaste powder in glass jar (and paper bag refill), Bamboo toothbrushes from £1.99, plastic free body scrubbers, British organic soaps from £2.99, sanitary products in recyclable packaging.

6 Eco cleaning products

Soapnuts, Eco friendly cleaning products in recyclable containers, Loofah cleaning products, plastic free Scrubbing brushes, toilet magnets against limescale, eco drain clean drain sticks, natural microfibre cleaning cloths, beeswax wraps made by Sue from Bransgore .

7 Eco Products

We stock a large range of Eco products and gifts. From straws, travel mugs, glass water bottles to recycled leather products such as wallets and bookmarks. Recycled gifts such as products made from old bike chains and recycled plastic clocks.

We sell cards on recycled paper with biodegradable cello or bare, organic Seeds and local crafts-  many of our products are made by local artisans. Things such as organic candles from sustainable plant wax, organic and Bamboo/recycled clothing and accessories from sustainable companies, British made wheat bags, with British wheat and lavender, recycled lunch boxes and recycled rugs.

8 Organic Fruit and Vegetable Stall every Tuesday   

Locally grown whenever possible. No air miles on any imported Fruit like bananas or oranges.

Goodfayre – Vegan and Ethical Shopping: Fisherton Warehouse Salisbury for the refill shop or shop online at www.goodfayre.co.uk

Refills of household cleaning items, personal cleaning and gifts. Online shop.


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