Tetrapak Recycling

A338 Slip Road Carpark

Squash/Flatten the cartons and replace the lid. This way we can fit more into the facility.

You can also put in disposable coffee cups and paper cups.

Recycling Shed

Located at the side of St. Mary's Church Hall, Church Street, Fordingbridge.

Contact with any concerns or questions.

Covid Safe Rules:

  1. Do not visit the shed if you are displaying any symptoms of Covid.
  2. Use hand sanitiser before and after accessing the shed.
  3. Only one person at a time to use the shed – maintain social distance.

Shed Items

Click on each tab for more information

Yes to: Aluminium flan dishes, take away trays, cooking foil, foil lids (including milk bottle tops)

No to: candle holders, crisp packets, tea packets, sweet wrappers and anything that looks like foil but when scrunched up and let go springs back to it original shape - this is mostly plastic!

Think BAKED goods and you won’t go far wrong.

ANY condition

Any candles that have burnt down to the wick, even ones in glass jars.

We have stopped collecting the tea lights so please don’t put these into the box.

Must be playable and in original box. These will be sold to raise funds for our projects and pay for postage for some items in the shed.

Please see Terracycle poster at shed or in the files section of our Facebook group. If it’s a sweet wrapper or chocolate wrapper then we can take it.

Only real cork (not plastic)

Original Canon and HP only.

ONLY Marigold gloves and packaging.

These go to charity. All plastic lids from bottles can be put back onto the bottles and put in clear sacks (NFDC)

Please ONLY milk bottle tops

Any condition

Beer can ring holders

Pringles only, flattened and no lids please

Any, used or unused

Brita and Aqua only

Please see Terracycle poster at shed or in the files section of our Facebook group.

No compasses please

Our recycling shed has been kindly sponsored by the following local businesses

Vegan – Dairy Free and Egg Free cakes, cookies and treats.

Contact Jay at

Property Maintenance – domestic and commercial services. 07900 016 918 – Ross Freeman

Unique Handmade Jewellery made from hand collected beach plastic and sea glass

71 High Street Fordingbridge. Wide range of fresh fruit and vegetables, milk, cheese, sliced meats, preserves, bread and much more. Weekly veg boxes. 01425 658007

Maternity – Newborn – Children – Families 07938190780

Improving local properties since 2001.

01425 656162

New Forest Baker.

51-53 High Street, Fordingbridge 01425 652460

Get in touch for a free, no obligation quote and discussion of your requirements.

07707 123 488

Kitchen & Bathroom Refurbishments

01425 654 741