Mission Statement

To develop Fordingbridge into a greener town by delivering sustainable and environmentally friendly projects and sharing ‘greener’ methods and positive ideas which educate and encourage community involvement at all levels for the future benefit of this town and its environs


To instigate, assist and support the development of local beneficial green initiatives with all sectors of our local community for the improvement of our environment and its wildlife where possible

Circular Economy

To achieve a more rounded thinking in our town processes and actions to reduce single use, encouraging and supporting and promoting recycling and reuse

Positive Future

To encourage, enlighten, educate and enthuse our community into ensuring and sustaining Fordingbridge as a greener town with a bright future


To encourage local businesses, individuals and community groups to explore and adopt more sustainable lifestyles, finding alternatives to plastic and other polluting items in current use and reducing their carbon footprint

Community Focus

Sharing, educating, inspiring neighbours, friends, colleagues and groups to enjoy and share in the benefit of our green environment through the active implementation and participation in our projects. Creating a proud and enjoyable community feel for the health and well being of all